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The world's easiest website creation platform

What is M Down?

Create a website easily using Mark Down!

You can complete everything from creation to publication on one screen, and you can easily display a preview before publishing.

The concept is not only for engineers to easily exchange information, but also for children to easily create websites and interact with people around the world.


What can be done from the top down

You can easily create a website using Mark Down!

You need to rent a server to create a website, but with M Down you can publish it as is. You can share it all over the world without any troublesome procedures!

Publishing is easy and you can get your site's URL with just a few clicks of a button. Just share it on SNS etc.


Input is easy, and you can write not only in markdown but also as text!

Full of auxiliary functions necessary for website creation, such as "theme selection, JavaScript writing, and site setting functions"!

To help you type, there's a little backtrack feature if you make a mistake, and you can easily add line breaks, so it looks just like normal text input.

You can easily decorate it with markdown just by writing the text as usual. That's M Down!


Additional features planned

Many new features are planned for M Down.

Unlike previous tools, it is possible to generate original functions and add new functions using AI!

Additional Feature 1: Extended Markdown Features

You can easily use it by setting frequently used explanations in advance. Save multiple Markdown combinations and layout parts in an extension and use them at any time.

Extended Markdown Features

Additional feature 2: AI collaboration

Prompt the AI with M Down and output the results in Markdown.

If you input what you are doing in ChatGPT into M Down, the answer will also be output to M Down in the form of Markdown!

You can also publish the results as they are, making it easier than ever to convey information!

AI collaboration


Q.Is there a model for Mark Down notation?
The first file contains data that explains the basics of markdown, so please take advantage of it.
Q.How do I register an account?
You must log in using your Google Account.
Please log in with the Google account you wish to use and enjoy M Down.

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